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We are a leading Czech producer of herbal teas and food supplements. We put emphasis on the quality and the documented origin of herbs. Our highest priority is the long-term
customer satisfaction.

The Apotheke brand is a guarantee of high quality, wide range and original recipes of tea blends. Besides our own products, we also provide licensed and private production. Other specialisations include the production of teas for gastronomy and catering.

Discover Our Herbal Teas...

Premier Selection

Stop for a while and let yourself be carried away by the unique taste and smell of fruit and herbal teas of premium quality. Thanks to the wide selection including both local and tropical fruit, exotic spices or more and more popular ginger, every tea lover finds their favourites. Unveil the secrets of Pu-erh tea which is valued for its beneficial effects.

Bio Teas

For this collection of teas, we use ingredients coming from ecologically-controlled agriculture and the whole production process is subject to strict supervision in order to secure the BIO quality of ingredients and of the products themselves.

Tea Collections

Get economically beneficial family packs. Tea collection s are great present for any occasion. 

Selected assortment of Premier teas.

Herbalist s Tea

The power of healing herbs has been sought for by numerous generations and therefore it is even today a natural alternative utilising the gentle influence of effective plant substances on our organism. We are presenting you the selection of successful, healing-practice-proven recipes.

Pharmacy Teas

Healing effects of herbs is proven in time and by years of experienceand their use in pharmacy practice has a long-term tradition both in our country and in the world. Individual tea blends are mixed according to our own recipes aiming to create a drink of balanced taste and effective herb content.

Childrens Teas

A unique collection of teas developed for children from the earliest ages. Herbal and fruit blends were mixed in accordance with specific needs of children and have been approved by Czech Paediatric Society. Delicious sweetish taste and pleasant smell characterize the range of children‘s fruit teas.

Wanna more herbal products?

Herbal Syrups

Herbal syrup is a traditional means sought not only to treat cold or cough, but they can also be used in thecombination with herbal or fruit teas which syrup enhances in their eff ect and also pleasantly sweetens.

Green Apotheke

Healthy food range - newly produced. Discover range of fine products for vegetarians.


This water-soluble fi bre is obtained from the seeds of Indian plantain (Plantago ovata). Psyllium is asuitable dietary supplement which is able to substitute the missing  bre and is therefore bene cial for our digestion.

Herbal Ointments

In our offer, you will find ointment containing extracts from time-tested herbs known for their benecficial
effects on skin.

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